Conservation inside the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve


Your stay at San Juan de la Isla not only supports our Ometepe Island community project but also helps conserve critical watershed, flora and fauna inside the property. Our San Juan Nature Reserve is an critical part of our island’s natural heritage, one that has been designated by the United Nations to be of international importance with the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve destination.

We invite you to enjoy this unique nature, either passively just enjoying the earthly paradise of our surroundings, or actively by exploring country paths and hiking trails inside our reserve.

The call of the howler monkeys often reverberates through the forest and fruits trees of our reserves, with the troops of monkeys taking advantage of our amazing collection of native fruits trees, which include howler favorites like Zapote.  

Both resident and migratory birds also take advantage of fruits, seeds and insects inside the reserve as well as or stream and pond fish. See our ever-growing San Juan bird list Along the beach is also great place to see birds of pray and fishing birds taking advantage of the massive and pure waters of Lake Nicaragua and the shoreline.

 Tree huggers will not be disappointed with our unique collection of precious wood trees, especially many centuries old examples of the rare Spanish cedar and the giant Ceiba trees. You can see our Tree List here

 The San Juan Nature Reserve is a unique place where a rainbow of butterflies populates numerous tropical flowers, while native lizards scurry between sunning and historic rock walls. Here is our beautiful Butterfly List. here