San Juan de la Isla is located inside the beautiful and unique Finca San Juan. This marvelous fruit, honey and dairy farm is all natural and ideal for a hike or horseback ride. Get a glimpse into the workings of an old-school Nicaraguan farm, where cows graze on pure grass, bees fill up with nectar from tropical flowers and fresh fruit and vegetables are cultivated for our restaurant and beyond.

Horseback Riding

Horse riding on the beach, in our banana groves, through our nature reserve and pasture is a true pleasure. Ometepe horses are work horses, small in size but big in heart. Since these are not rental horses waiting for tourists, but rather working farm horses it is important to reserve in advance you time for rides on the beach or in the farm.

Night Tour

Night nature tour, great for reptiles, nocturnal birds and mammals. Cost per person US$20 based on a minimum of two people

Farm Tour

Want to milk one of our cows, make some cheese, learn about banana production or honey production? Our farm tour is the ticket, a way to learn about all the secrets of the forest and pasture that are brought to your table. Have a taste of honey, taste in-season native fruits like Zapote, Níspero or Avocado. Cost per person US$30 based on a minimum of two people.